Friday, June 20, 2008

I Want YOU!

The pulse of Christ Church: Macomb is beating strong. Our numbers are getting bigger and more consistent. A couple highlights include; a single lady who came because gas prices are too high (!!!), a small family who checked us out after receiving our direct mail pieces, and a single mom who has been a constant and amazing story. We’ve also been blessed by a couple small groups from the Rochester Campus, who have come to help us “do church” and then worshiped with us.

The previous 29 years of my life were spent worshipping at the Rochester Campus, first at 800 E. Avon then 250 W. Avon. I was accustomed to turning off of Avon Road, parking my car, sitting in my designated pew, worshiping and leaving. Things are a bit different for us at the Macomb Campus. We arrive an hour early, set up class rooms, tables, sound equipment, perform sound check, set signs up inside and out. Worship. Take it all back down and cram it into our closet.

So, can you make coffee, unfold a folding chair, or are you able to hang a sign perhaps? Then we want you and your small group at Christ Church: Macomb.

CC:M is open to any individual, family or small group to assist in set up/tear down and more importantly worship with us.

Christ Church: Macomb meets every Sunday at 4:30.