Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Site Pastor: The Milk Thief

Here's a quick video of Andy, our site pastor, confessing sins of his youth.

the milk thief from Ashley Harrison on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

This past Sunday was a special day! A day when the Holy Spirit came and made it's presence felt at our little church.

First let me give you some quick background...last week the Rochester Campus did cardboard testimonies. A cardboard testimony is a quick way to show where God has moved you FROM and TO. It doesn't necessarily mean you have it all figured out but a way to show others that God is working on you.

During our family communion time everyone was invited to grab some cardboard and a marker and write down their testimony.

Confession time...during the planning of this I didn't think this was going to one was going to participate...this was going to be lame. Well when I did that I didn't give the Holy Spirit a chance to work.

Much to my surprise just about everyone grabbed some cardboard, a marker and starting writing their testimonies down. All in all we had about 95% participation. Even a visitor joined it!

Need less to say I was BLOWN away. We serve an awesome God!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Want YOU!

The pulse of Christ Church: Macomb is beating strong. Our numbers are getting bigger and more consistent. A couple highlights include; a single lady who came because gas prices are too high (!!!), a small family who checked us out after receiving our direct mail pieces, and a single mom who has been a constant and amazing story. We’ve also been blessed by a couple small groups from the Rochester Campus, who have come to help us “do church” and then worshiped with us.

The previous 29 years of my life were spent worshipping at the Rochester Campus, first at 800 E. Avon then 250 W. Avon. I was accustomed to turning off of Avon Road, parking my car, sitting in my designated pew, worshiping and leaving. Things are a bit different for us at the Macomb Campus. We arrive an hour early, set up class rooms, tables, sound equipment, perform sound check, set signs up inside and out. Worship. Take it all back down and cram it into our closet.

So, can you make coffee, unfold a folding chair, or are you able to hang a sign perhaps? Then we want you and your small group at Christ Church: Macomb.

CC:M is open to any individual, family or small group to assist in set up/tear down and more importantly worship with us.

Christ Church: Macomb meets every Sunday at 4:30.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today the rain fell. As if falling from a shower head it left every thing drenched.

At CC:M the "umbrella ministry" was birthed this dreary Sunday afternoon. Sean and I donned rain suits and armed with umbrellas attacked anyone who pulled up.

I joked with Sean that if anyone is afraid of us it's because we looked like ninjas dressed all in black.

Besides our launch date this was by far our largest and most diverse crowd. Andy R. led us in worship and drew us closer to God. Josh was as on point as I have ever seen him.

On a day when I thought the rain was just making Macomb more green, God did more than that. He truly let his blessings rain on us!


Monday, April 14, 2008

CC:M fund

Sunday, March 2, 2008


After a year and a half of planning, praying and preparing it was time to "do church." Sunday marked the official launch of Christ Church: Macomb. It was a day full of anticipation and anxieties. Would anyone actually show up? If they do, what would they think?

Everyone busied themselves getting the school ready. New lights on the stage. New signs to go up. New crayolas displayed. Once everything was in its place we waited. And the craziest thing happened...people showed up.

The first family I saw were the Bobo's. Great! We won't be shut out, I thought. But the people kept coming. The support from Rochester was great. Family after family kept walking in. Some confessed to skipping service in the morning just to come to CC:M.

My Aunt Ruthie brought two of her daughters and a friend. Wow! People are actually bringing other people. There was another member from Rochester that met her sister at CC:M. Her sister lives close to Mohawk.

I have to say I was more than blown away by how God blessed our little church.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What are “they” doing here?

We arrived a little early to Soft Launch #2. I was kind of excited. Plus I harp on the leadership team being on time for stuff, I didn’t want to be late myself. It was a beautiful winter day; blue skies, “sort of” warm, and super sunny. While we were sitting there listening to the David Crowder Band in our van (yes I’m a minivan man), these three high school aged gents skateboarded in front of the school and were hanging out in the little playground area to the left of the entrance to the school. Honestly, at first I thought, “What are they doing here? This is our school (from 3:15 until 6:15 every Sunday).” Then the Holy Spirit gently reminded me, “these guys and their families are why you are sitting outside Mohawk Elementary; waiting to go in and set up Christ Church: Macomb.”

Now being the spiritual giant I am, I responded “Oh ya. Duh.” More than likely, their house received or would receive some communication pieces from us in the mail. It was fun a little later to go and talk to these guys and let them know who we were and why we were there. They lived in the neighborhood next to the school and each had gone to Mohawk when they were younger.

I told them they were going to get an invitation from me in the mail, and I showed them the communication piece that was scheduled to be mailed – the cool “Come as you Are” postcard. I complimented their skateboarding and made a little more small talk before saying goodbye. After praying, dreaming, and planning Christ Church: Macomb for soooo long, it was a blessing to meet some of the very people for whom we have joined this adventure. I pray we’ll get to meet and know many more.


Why CC:M for the Stockmans?

By Tessa Stockman
The big idea of CC:M was presented to me and Sean a year and a half ago. At that time we were actively seeking two things: 1) A way to serve using our gifts, and 2) To expand our experience of authentic community.

Initially, we saw the need for someone who knew the video portion of tech stuff and new that Sean would be capable and willing. But what would this mean? Leaving our RCC community? We weren’t sure this is something we could commit to. We began praying then that if this was something the Lord had for us that He would make this new team a family to us. Community.

For many months the only thing that kept us plugged into this adventure was the role that Sean would be playing in filming the sermons. Over time our Leadership Team grew closer and true relationships and friendships started forming amongst this group of acquaintances. Only then, through the bonding of our team, did Sean and I catch the real vision for what CC:M is all about—Community! A community of people who love each other and are on a journey towards Jesus. What we had been seeking and praying for was happening, and it was far more exciting than we had ever thought. Through each person and the gifts they bring, this outreach has turned from “a new idea” into something tangible - something real - something we feel is blessed.

We have our location, signs are printed, sound system is in place - but none of that really matters. We want people. People who are seeking for that authentic community they cant find out there. People whom for whatever reasons are not ready to come to a traditional church setting. People who are lost, or broken, or scared, or lonely that need a safe place to find Him. People who will come just as they are.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christ Church: Macomb

It was July of 2006, in the basement of Bert and Ann Bryan’s home; a vision for Rochester Church of Christ meeting in multiple locations, reaching out to new people, in nearby communities, to “connect them to Jesus and each other” was presented to a group of us. Since that initial meeting, the vision has grown into a reality for the first satellite location - Christ Church: Macomb (CC:M). And beginning March 2, 2008, CC:M will be meeting at Mohawk Elementary School.

Mohawk Elementary School
48101 Romeo Plank Road
Macomb Township, MI 48044

CC:M launch

CC:M build

Leadership Team:

Andy, Missy, Poem, Noah and Valor Harrison
-Small Groups Ministries

David and Lara Brazle
-Worship and Creative Arts Ministries

Darren and Kara McCullough
-Tech Ministries

Sean, Tessa, Emerson and Soren Stockman
-Tech Ministries

Ashley, Kelly and Ella Harrison
-First Touch Ministries

David, Amber, Emily, Victoria, Chrissanna, Andrea, Justin, Kimberly Martinko
-Families with Children

Frequently Asked Questions

The vision for CC:M includes being a mission outpost in the Macomb area, to be a place you can bring your neighbor, a co-worker, or family member; that for whatever reason isn't going to come to Rochester Church of Christ.

Below are a list of frequently asked questions about Christ Church: Macomb.

When? God willing CC:M will launch the first week of March. Our services will be at 4:30 Sunday afternoon.

Where? Mohawk Elementary (48101 Romeo Plank Road - between 21 and 22 Mile Rd.)

What will your worship look like? The worship at CC:M will be a blend of instrumental and acappella music.

What will your teaching look like? A DVD captured from services at Rochester Church of Christ will provide our teaching time.

What will your children's worship look like? Our children will be invited to participate in worship with their families. There will also be time for youth specific worship and learning.

Who makes up your leadership team? The CC:M Leadership Team is made up of six families that have been meeting, planning, praying, and dreaming together about this “new thing” for well over a year. We are a group of people who have grown to love and appreciate one another and to celebrate a creative God who can bring different people with different backgrounds, gifts, and talents to work as a team.

How is Rochester Church of Christ involved in CC:M? CC:M is an extension of Rochester Church of Christ and overseen by its leadership.