Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christ Church: Macomb

It was July of 2006, in the basement of Bert and Ann Bryan’s home; a vision for Rochester Church of Christ meeting in multiple locations, reaching out to new people, in nearby communities, to “connect them to Jesus and each other” was presented to a group of us. Since that initial meeting, the vision has grown into a reality for the first satellite location - Christ Church: Macomb (CC:M). And beginning March 2, 2008, CC:M will be meeting at Mohawk Elementary School.

Mohawk Elementary School
48101 Romeo Plank Road
Macomb Township, MI 48044

CC:M launch

CC:M build

Leadership Team:

Andy, Missy, Poem, Noah and Valor Harrison
-Small Groups Ministries

David and Lara Brazle
-Worship and Creative Arts Ministries

Darren and Kara McCullough
-Tech Ministries

Sean, Tessa, Emerson and Soren Stockman
-Tech Ministries

Ashley, Kelly and Ella Harrison
-First Touch Ministries

David, Amber, Emily, Victoria, Chrissanna, Andrea, Justin, Kimberly Martinko
-Families with Children

Frequently Asked Questions

The vision for CC:M includes being a mission outpost in the Macomb area, to be a place you can bring your neighbor, a co-worker, or family member; that for whatever reason isn't going to come to Rochester Church of Christ.

Below are a list of frequently asked questions about Christ Church: Macomb.

When? God willing CC:M will launch the first week of March. Our services will be at 4:30 Sunday afternoon.

Where? Mohawk Elementary (48101 Romeo Plank Road - between 21 and 22 Mile Rd.)

What will your worship look like? The worship at CC:M will be a blend of instrumental and acappella music.

What will your teaching look like? A DVD captured from services at Rochester Church of Christ will provide our teaching time.

What will your children's worship look like? Our children will be invited to participate in worship with their families. There will also be time for youth specific worship and learning.

Who makes up your leadership team? The CC:M Leadership Team is made up of six families that have been meeting, planning, praying, and dreaming together about this “new thing” for well over a year. We are a group of people who have grown to love and appreciate one another and to celebrate a creative God who can bring different people with different backgrounds, gifts, and talents to work as a team.

How is Rochester Church of Christ involved in CC:M? CC:M is an extension of Rochester Church of Christ and overseen by its leadership.