Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why CC:M for the Stockmans?

By Tessa Stockman
The big idea of CC:M was presented to me and Sean a year and a half ago. At that time we were actively seeking two things: 1) A way to serve using our gifts, and 2) To expand our experience of authentic community.

Initially, we saw the need for someone who knew the video portion of tech stuff and new that Sean would be capable and willing. But what would this mean? Leaving our RCC community? We weren’t sure this is something we could commit to. We began praying then that if this was something the Lord had for us that He would make this new team a family to us. Community.

For many months the only thing that kept us plugged into this adventure was the role that Sean would be playing in filming the sermons. Over time our Leadership Team grew closer and true relationships and friendships started forming amongst this group of acquaintances. Only then, through the bonding of our team, did Sean and I catch the real vision for what CC:M is all about—Community! A community of people who love each other and are on a journey towards Jesus. What we had been seeking and praying for was happening, and it was far more exciting than we had ever thought. Through each person and the gifts they bring, this outreach has turned from “a new idea” into something tangible - something real - something we feel is blessed.

We have our location, signs are printed, sound system is in place - but none of that really matters. We want people. People who are seeking for that authentic community they cant find out there. People whom for whatever reasons are not ready to come to a traditional church setting. People who are lost, or broken, or scared, or lonely that need a safe place to find Him. People who will come just as they are.