Thursday, February 28, 2008

What are “they” doing here?

We arrived a little early to Soft Launch #2. I was kind of excited. Plus I harp on the leadership team being on time for stuff, I didn’t want to be late myself. It was a beautiful winter day; blue skies, “sort of” warm, and super sunny. While we were sitting there listening to the David Crowder Band in our van (yes I’m a minivan man), these three high school aged gents skateboarded in front of the school and were hanging out in the little playground area to the left of the entrance to the school. Honestly, at first I thought, “What are they doing here? This is our school (from 3:15 until 6:15 every Sunday).” Then the Holy Spirit gently reminded me, “these guys and their families are why you are sitting outside Mohawk Elementary; waiting to go in and set up Christ Church: Macomb.”

Now being the spiritual giant I am, I responded “Oh ya. Duh.” More than likely, their house received or would receive some communication pieces from us in the mail. It was fun a little later to go and talk to these guys and let them know who we were and why we were there. They lived in the neighborhood next to the school and each had gone to Mohawk when they were younger.

I told them they were going to get an invitation from me in the mail, and I showed them the communication piece that was scheduled to be mailed – the cool “Come as you Are” postcard. I complimented their skateboarding and made a little more small talk before saying goodbye. After praying, dreaming, and planning Christ Church: Macomb for soooo long, it was a blessing to meet some of the very people for whom we have joined this adventure. I pray we’ll get to meet and know many more.