Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

This past Sunday was a special day! A day when the Holy Spirit came and made it's presence felt at our little church.

First let me give you some quick background...last week the Rochester Campus did cardboard testimonies. A cardboard testimony is a quick way to show where God has moved you FROM and TO. It doesn't necessarily mean you have it all figured out but a way to show others that God is working on you.

During our family communion time everyone was invited to grab some cardboard and a marker and write down their testimony.

Confession time...during the planning of this I didn't think this was going to work...no one was going to participate...this was going to be lame. Well when I did that I didn't give the Holy Spirit a chance to work.

Much to my surprise just about everyone grabbed some cardboard, a marker and starting writing their testimonies down. All in all we had about 95% participation. Even a visitor joined it!

Need less to say I was BLOWN away. We serve an awesome God!!!